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A moving stroll in the Dogs' Cemetery

In between lockdown and curfews, pretty tough to plan an unusual excursion!

Marinezecity and Street Art Tour Paris did it for you…

Heading: The Dogs' Cemetery !


4 pont de Clichy,

92600 Asnières-sur-Seine


Visit on your own:

Adults: 3,50€

Kids: 1,50€

Til' 6 : Gratuit

Visit with MarineZecity :

From14€ / person

When we have a pet, we quickly notice their little temper, their feelings, and they fully occupy the house! Like a kid, they want cuddles, to play, to receive love: Lot of Love!

This Monument by Arnaud Kasper, set up in front of the main entrance, to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Cemetery, reminds us that they are: our " Alter Ego" !

Unfortunately, this little amazing creatures are not invicible... And their lives so short compared to ours.. We wish they were immortal!