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A moving stroll in the Dogs' Cemetery

In between lockdown and curfews, pretty tough to plan an unusual excursion!

Marinezecity and Street Art Tour Paris did it for you…

Heading: The Dogs' Cemetery !


4 pont de Clichy,

92600 Asnières-sur-Seine


Visit on your own:

Adults: 3,50€

Kids: 1,50€

Til' 6 : Gratuit

From14€ / person

When we have a pet, we quickly notice their little temper, their feelings, and they fully occupy the house! Like a kid, they want cuddles, to play, to receive love: Lot of Love!

This Monument by Arnaud Kasper, set up in front of the main entrance, to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Cemetery, reminds us that they are: our " Alter Ego" !

Unfortunately, this little amazing creatures are not invicible... And their lives so short compared to ours.. We wish they were immortal!

So, why not allowing them a pampered rest? A memory place to permit all those owners who become orphans, to commemorate their Happiness Fairies ?!

From this idea is born the Cemetery in 1899! Maybe an eccentric idea for some people,still, this is a haven of peace located along the Seine River, on a former island that was attached to the left bank in the 70's.

Escalier fait de stèles

As I was walking in its alleys, I felt like I was in Père Lachaise! Different types of graves, from different times, imitating our necropolis... Cute and moving poems, testimonies, statues, objects...

I must confess that I was expecting a huge cemetery: there is only 1,70 ha for only 849 concessionnaires!

But, to burry one's pet cost a lot! And spendings can quickly soar! You have to imagin: cremation, price for the plot to renew every year, the coffin, the tombstone, maybe some ornaments, upkeep... We can reach easily 1000€! In other words, this is not within everyone's reach to offer a lovely square of memory for one's pet.

But Love…

Should it have a price?!

Some of the animals burried here, were even heros! Beautiful monuments are sometimes erected: Such as this one dedicated to Barry, dog who belonged to the canons of the Grand Saint- Bernard Pass in Switzerland. Kennel that exists since the end of XVIIth century, where dogs are bred for rescuing travellers who would use the famous pass. Barry entered the legend in the beginning of XIXth century, when he saved, on his own, 40 people! He and his companions, thanks to their commitment, turned the Saint-Bernard breed into pre-eminently the symbol of Rescue Dogs! ( NB: Barry is visible in Natural History Museum of Berne, so, this monument is not a grave but a memorial!)

There is also, Gribouille ( translated: Doodler) the horse of the Cemetery's foundress!

Right, the Dogs' Cemetery doesn't welcome only dogs, but we can also find cats, rabbits, lions! Guinea pigs, birds, etc...

Considered as the first pet cemetery, nowadays France hosts about 30 of them, the Dogs' Cemetery deserves a visit to, particularly, remind us how those small beasts are so important in our lives!

If you are interested in discovering the place, wave me by sending an email !

In another hand, you can discover the different visits that I provide and the ones of my colleague Kasia : many interesting visits and workshops!

On that note, I go and find my tiny monster who seems to levitate on my sofa... ( trickery-free photo!!)

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